Upcoming Event - Conference

09 October 2018

Upcoming Event - Conference

19 November 2018

Gabby Costigan, CEO, BAE Systems Australia

Adelaide, 15 Aug 2018

Gabby Costigan joined BAE Systems Australia as Chief Executive Officer-designate on 2 October 2017 and became CEO on 1 January 2018. As CEO she is responsible for one of the nation’s largest defence companies, which has supported the Australian...

Dr Dominic Emery, Vice President, BP

Sydney, 15 Aug 2018

The demand for energy continues to grow, but at the same time the energy mix is changing as technology advances, consumer preferences shift and policy measures evolve. Energy companies are at the front of this duel challenge, of more energy,...

The Future for Renewable Energy

Brisbane, 28 Aug 2018

Australia has long found competitive advantage in the abundance of energy available to its industry and domestic population, however the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy and other low carbon technologies has led to challenges as scale,...

Meet the Member at Spaces

Melbourne, 06 Sep 2018

Everyone is welcome to join in for another popular "Meet the Member"  evening of networking organized by the ABCC and the NCCA (Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Australia).  We will be hosted by Spaces in their exciting new work spaces...