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We’re Sherry – a brand and creative agency based in Sydney. We help organisations large and small make their point to their audiences, stand out from their competitors and most importantly – stick in people’s memories.

But Sherry is more than just a name – it’s a philosophy. It’s our philosophy. It says that ideas, imagination and creativity are all. It also reminds us that our first idea is probably not our best – so yeah, it’s a way of working that comes with a requirement for effort.

Tired of looking through search results for “creative agency sydney”?

Good creative without strategy has no future. It’s just adding to the noise. With strategic intent and the best design you can solve the worst of problems. You can intrigue, cajole, compel and turn-on. And once you’ve done that you can then inform, instruct and persuade. Strategic creativity stops things as they are and starts them again in a better place.

We use it to help our clients solve their problems. To reach out to new friends or rekindle the love with those they already know. Relevance is everything and being present and memorable is always the aim. We simply refuse to let our clients slip quietly into the pack – we define purpose, create standout and amplify personality. And we do that relentlessly. Across every project. Every day.

State: NSW
Industry: Design