SME Membership

Our mission is to disrupt the global compliance industry by making it easier than ever before to legally enter and operate in any country around the world by providing employer of record, incorporation, accounting, payroll and tax compliance services. We want to show you makes-sense, practical solutions for taking care of your international hires and the compliance of foreign entities so you can focus on securing talent and building your business.

As mergers & acquisitions happen and new opportunities emerge enterprises’ need to be nimble and lean to take advantage without spending too much time, money, or opportunity cost. weConnect vastly reduces the time to comply while optimizing the long-term cost and risk of operating on your own. We want to explain all the global expansion and operation options available to you because we want you to choose the best path forward for your business while other firms will often push you one way or the other, even if it is not the right choice for you.

Industry: Accounting