Foley and Associates

SME Membership

Based in Sydney, Australia , we are a bespoke international business advisory consultancy primarily focused on offering tailored international trade and investment attraction services to:

  • Economic Development Agencies and their Exporting Companies ; and
  • Private Sector Clients (i.e. Individual Companies and Industry Associations).

Since Foley & Associates was established in 2002, we have built up an extensive network of business and government contacts across industry sectors in both Australia and New Zealand.

During this time, Foley & Associates has assisted over 3,000 international organisations in the region as they seek to: 

  • Introduce new products or services to current customers;
  • Introduce current products and services to new market sectors;
  • Secure up-to-date market intelligence;
  • Participate in in-country independent or group visits;
  • Resolve challenges they may be experiencing with customers or partners;
  • Gain a better understanding about changes in market conditions that may impact sales (e.g. new regulatory environment – down turn in a particular sector);
  • Establish an international presence and seek in-country assistance with office set-up, local partners, comparative data on labour costs/office rent costs/access to supply chains, incentives etc.