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Chamber Member, Tenfold Australia are happy to share some big news about their name.

Since launching two years ago, their community has grown rapidly from 10 founding members to almost 200 organisations stretching well beyond Australia. Ironically, Tenfold Australia tenfolded itself!

To ensure they have an identity that is unique and relevant to all their members globally, they knew they had to change their name, and we are delighted to share it with you. Tenfold Australia has rebranded as Abundium!

Abundium; a combination of the words:

  • abundance - which signifies an abundance of opportunities for all
  • ium from the word home, as in Aquarium, and a precious metal such as titanium.


Abundium’s massive transformative purpose (MTP) has also evolved, bringing their past and future identities together: tenfolding leadership impact for an abundant world. 

What hasn't changed is Abundium’s primary focus to help the local and regional leadership teams of global companies respond to the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

Please contact Tricky from Abundium on tricky@abundium.com for more information.

State: NSW
Industry: Consulting & Strategy