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What we do - We believe in the positive, transforming power of technology. We deliver clean, sustainable power for the world’s most vital needs.

Our challenge - Our activities have a tremendous impact on the world today - and tomorrow. We have always pursued clean, safe and competitive solutions. Now, that task is more urgent than ever and our technology will play a fundamental role in enabling the transition to a low carbon global economy.

Our commitment - Few companies are better placed than us to help society transition to a low-carbon economy and this will drive our competitive advantage in the long term.

Our businesses - We are tightly focused into three core operating businesses:

Civil Aerospace
Civil Aerospace is a major manufacturer of aero engines for the large commercial aircraft, regional jet and business aviation markets. The business uses its engineering expertise, in-depth knowledge and capabilities to provide through-life support solutions for its customers.

Power Systems
Power Systems is a leading provider of high-speed reciprocating engines, complete propulsion systems, distributed energy solutions, and safety-critical systems for nuclear plants around the world.

Defence is a market leader in aero engines for military transport and patrol aircraft with strong positions in combat and helicopter applications. It has significant scale in naval and is the technical authority for through-life support of the nuclear power plant for the Royal Navy's submarine fleet.

Through digitisation we are transforming our business. At Rolls-Royce, we were pioneers 100 years ago, and we are pioneers today. We don't have all of the answers yet but we are part of the solution. So we are transforming our business to develop the next generation of power solutions to help address the climate challenge we now face.

State: NSW
Industry: Defence