Attention Experts

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Attention Experts, since mid-2016 has been delivering results in digital marketing. A central focus has been on social media marketing, as this is where the greatest return for business is being experienced online. Founder George started and contributed to two international multi-million dollar businesses prior, both grown through social media. Not before long, George due to his experience was being asked by organisations to help. Companies and organisations such as not-for-profits, government departments and e-commerce businesses were beginning to ask for ways to create a profitable and engaging campaign via social media as well as other forms of digital marketing.


Due to the amount of organisations being helped by George, it was time he started an agency. This is when Attention Experts was born.


Founded on experience, entreprenuerialism and an interest in marketing, Attention Experts has grown considerably quick. Today, managing clients from 15 different industries, from small businesses to multi-nationals, Attention Experts has credited its success to its focus on a return on investment for clients.

State: NSW
Industry: Consulting & Strategy