22 May


Truphone, the mobile network operator without country borders, today announced Truphone World, which will give Australian businesses peace of mind as they move across the world’s major business hubs. Truphone customers can now use their mobile devices in 66 countries in exactly the same way as they do at home; with high speed data, high quality calling, and best in class customer service.[1] This move promises to transform the way businesses use mobile phones internationally.

At the core of this group of 66 nations is an area of eight key countries called the Truphone Zone.[2] Here, users can get up to eight international numbers on a single SIM card, so their contacts can reach them on a local number and at local rates, wherever they are in the world.

Truphone World extends the financial benefits of the Truphone Zone to cover an additional 58 countries[3] (66 countries in total).  This region accounts for over 70%[4] of all international travel routes – including Europe and key business destinations in North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Anticipating the increased demand for international data usage that Truphone World will bring, Truphone is also launching a number of substantially bigger and more competitive bundles, increasing the benefit of the only shareable international data plans in the marketplace. The new bundles come with a variety of allowances including the world’s first half a terabyte international plan.

Steve Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Truphone, said: “Our unique global mobile network connects people across international borders in a way which no one else can match. We bring businesses closer to their international contacts and give them an unparalleled global service experience. Today we’re going a step further to help make our customers more productive in 66 countries.”

 “Last year data usage increased five-fold in some places; and the internet has opened up a new dimension to global trade. The urgent need of businesses is there right now, Truphone World will enable businesses to use their mobile devices around the major business centres of the world in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.”

Alex Blinko, Managing Director for Truphone Australia, agrees: “Truphone World is a game-changer for Australian businesses which have been significantly hampered by traditional approaches and pricing for international mobile communications.”
“With almost three in five Australian businesses sending employees abroad on a quarterly basis, and over 40% of these businesses identifying roaming charges as a challenge for their business and their employees[5], Truphone World brings about an end to the uncertainty of international communications, enabling businesses to be productive globally.”
James Tagg, Chief Technology Officer, said: This tiny piece of technology [The Truphone SIM], smaller than my thumbnail, is at the heart of a unique high performance network that covers half the world.”

“Mobile phones should work in the same way as the internet; without regard for international borders.” He continued, “Truphone World could fundamentally change the way businesses behave internationally.”

Truphone serves a wide range of customers including start-ups and FTSE 100 companies, as well as major brands such as Harley Davidson, and five of the eight largest banks in the world. The company was shortlisted earlier this year for “Best Enterprise Mobile Service,” by the GSMA, the industry body for mobile operators worldwide.

For further information on Truphone World, please see: www.truphone.com
+61 2 8999 4206 | business.au@truphone.com


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