18 Feb

Tech Nation 2016: Transforming UK Industries

Tech Nation 2016 comes to you from Tech City UK and innovation charity Nesta, supported by core data partner GrowthIntel. Tech Nation 2016 is the most comprehensive analysis of the UK’s Digital Tech Economy to date, showing how the Digital Tech Industries are driving economic growth, employment and regional development:

  • The UK’s Digital Tech Industries are growing 32% faster than the rest of the UK economy (in turnover)

  • The estimated turnover of UK digital tech industries reached £161bn in 2014

  • The Digital Tech Industries are creating employment opportunities and accounting for 1.56M jobs across the UK

  • The UK’s increasingly diverse range of digital skills and specialisms are also now thriving beyond the tech sector – 41% of Digital Tech Economy jobs exist in what are thought of as traditionally non-digital industries – such as the public sector and financial services

  • Over 80% of Tech Nation clusters have seen growth in digital turnover, jobs and advertised digital salaries.

Please download the full report here

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