25 May

Q5 Pro-bono pop-up consulting

The COVID-19 crisis has made it acceptable to indulge in excessive hyperbole – in both day-to-day life and with our business jargon: ‘unprecedented’, ‘resilient’, ‘adaptive’, ‘pivot’ are words that have never been so overused.

At some points, it’s been easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of such a monumental challenge; at others, it’s been tempting to go into overdrive – to see every issue or threat as a priority that requires immediate attention. Many of us will experience this cycle of fight or freeze, making it really challenging to crystallise confidently on a path forward. This is especially problematic for smaller business or not-for-profit organisations, who may not have the resources or the available capital to bring in support to help them navigate the frenetic, rapidly evolving commercial landscape we now operate in. 

As a global management consultancy specialising in organisational transformation, Q5 wanted to find a way to support struggling businesses to tackle this (unprecedented!) crisis in a way that aligns to our purpose, plays to our strengths and would keep our consulting team engaged and challenged. From this, Q5’s pro-bono ‘Pop-Up’ Advisory was born.

What is the Q5 ‘Pop-Up’ Advisory?

The Q5 ‘Pop-Up’ Advisory is an initiative to support small businesses and not-for-profit organisations around the world who have been hit hard by COVID-19. Over the last six weeks, we’ve partnered with over a dozen organisations in the UK, New York and here in Australia to provide short, targeted programmes free of charge. The organisations and the challenges they face vary in scope and nature, but they all have one thing in common – they are confronting structural challenges to the way they work and need to respond quickly and decisively in order to survive, stabilise, and capitalise where they can.

Defining and prioritising the problem:

From issues with global supply chains through to changes in the behaviour of the key customers, the organisations we have worked with are facing a myriad of challenges, which can make it difficult to see the wood for the trees. To help our ‘Pop-Up’ partners navigate the scale and scope of the challenge, we open with our 3-Phase Recovery framework, taking our “9 C’s” lens to structure our conversation and identify priorities:


Rapidly designing creative solutions

Using design thinking methodology with an emphasis on ideating creative, pragmatic solutions, we then help the ‘Pop-Up’ team explore and ideate on a range of potential solutions, before selecting and building out a practical plan of how to progress. From quick wins to medium and longer term changes​, we’ve helped them to turn their ideas into an executable plan that they can confidently own and execute.

The Resilience Project: An example of pop up success

Our most recent ‘Pop-Up’ project in Aus was supporting The Resilience Project, a Melbourne-based small business that delivers emotionally engaging programs to schools, sports clubs, and businesses, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness.

Wanting to capitalise on the increased demand on their corporate program offering as a result of COVID-19, Q5 worked with The Resilience Project Leadership team to think creatively and pragmatically about how to further evolve the corporate program offering. This is particularly important in the current climate given the extreme stress some employees find themselves under.

Over the course of our 1-day intensive intervention, we helped the team shape a new proposition to support their customers in a post-pandemic world, before building out a robust implementation plan to launch the idea.

Want to know more?

If we have piqued your interest and you would like to hear more, please do reach out for more information or how to get involved. With another five Australian organisations lined up for support over the next few weeks, we’re keen to continue supporting local businesses both here and across our global footprint.


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