13 Nov

Pre-Brisbane B20 update

Dear B20 Colleague

As we approach the conclusion of our B20 efforts this year, a short update follows in advance of the G0 Leaders Meeting, which begins formally in Brisbane this coming Saturday 15 November.

G20 Leaders Meeting

A small number of B20 delegates, representing the G20 countries and the B20 taskforces, will meet with G20 Leaders in Brisbane on Friday evening ahead of the official G20 Leaders Meeting. The B20 delegation will impress upon G20 Leaders the importance of adopting growth-enhancing measures in their individual country growth plans, and the value of adopting the B20’s recommendations on infrastructure, investment, financial regulation, trade, human capital and corruption.

To help position our agenda for the Leaders Meeting I have written to the Australian Prime Minister jointly with the L20 calling for action on areas of common concern (see here) and agreed to represent the views of business at the L20 Summit in Brisbane. On the margins of the Leaders Meeting, our B20 Sherpa, Robert Milliner, will speak at a conference hosted by the G20 Research Group on the business contribution to economic growth.

While final negotiations on the communiqué are still in process it is very heartening to see a significant number of our policy recommendations are part of the communiqué drafting. In particular we believe that the essence of our thinking on infrastructure (specifically the establishment of a global infrastructure hub), financial regulation, human capital (specifically on female participation) and corruption – will be directly recognised or acknowledged. Also we are hopeful that despite some difficulties there will be a strong acknowledgement of the role of trade, particularly global value supply chains.

Of course, at the heart of this year’s communiqué will be the “Brisbane Action Plan” – the combined growth strategies of the G20 nations designed to add 2 per cent to global growth over the next five years – we have been strong supporters of the plan and understand that many of our specific proposals are reflected in structural reform agendas of individual countries as part of their growth plans.

I am very confident and satisfied that our recommendations this year have been directly relevant and made a positive and significant contribution to G20 thinking.


Since the last time I updated you following the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting in Cairns in September, our Sherpa Robert Milliner visited Turkey, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia, thereby completing visits to all G20 countries during the B20 Australia year.

Even at this late stage in the Australian presidency, we continue working hard to advocate the B20 recommendations to our political leaders. I know a great many of you are contributing to that work, and I continue to be grateful for your efforts. It has been enormously rewarding to receive your reports and feedback from your own advocacy efforts. The progress we have made in many areas referred to above has been the result of those advocacy efforts.

If you have visited the B20 website recently you will have seen the short video explaining the G20 process and the B20’s part in it. I would be grateful if you would continue to disseminate the link to this video throughout your networks to help us broadcast the importance of the G20’s and B20’s work to a broader audience.

Handover to B20 Turkey

At a special meeting in Brisbane I will present to the Chair of the B20 Turkey, Mr M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, a comprehensive handover guide, contact list and, in electronic format, core documents from the B20 Australia year. The contact list will not include any of you who responded to our email of Friday 31 October inviting you to unsubscribe from communications from B20 Turkey. However, all on the B20 Australia contact list, including those who unsubscribed last week, will receive one final email from B20 Australia next week with a summary of outcomes from the G20 Leaders Meeting. B20 Australia formally hands over management of the B20 operation to B20 Turkey on 1 December 2014.

I look forward to reporting back next week.


Best regards

Richard Goyder AO

Chair, B20 Australia

Chief Executive and Managing Director, Wesfarmers Ltd

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