13 Dec

New Year IT Resolutions

Christmas and the New Year is a good time to start thinking about resolutions for 2019. Here are a few areas to consider.

Data Privacy & Security

Now is a good time to review my privacy & data security risks and obligations.

  1. All of my office will update their passwords

TIP: Good complexity for a password:

  • 8 characters minimum
  • A combination of high and low case
  • At least one number & one symbol
  1. I will conduct an information security audit (fix any issues)
  2. I will create a data breach response team to protect my data and my brand
    1. Develop a data breach response plan
    2. Test my plan
  3. I will update my internal cyber security policies and book time to train my staff
  4. I will review key contracts with third party service providers

Productivity & Teamwork

  1. I will review how Digital Collaboration can help my staff perform as a team more often
  2. I will create a remote working policy
    1. do I want my people out or the office and with my clients?
    2. a more flexible working environment can help retain employees
  3. I will review speed & performance of my environment
    1. Do I need more resources to my Cloud to boost speed & performance?
    2. Are my PCs/Laptop/Servers running poorly or out of warranty?

Business Continuity

  1. I will keep my PC / Server patches up to date
  2. I will check my data is backed up
  3. I will establish a disaster recovery plan
  4. I will arrange a test recovery of my data.

I can call Chill IT if I have questions about the IT effectiveness or data security of my business.

(  1300 796 246          *support@chillit.com.au

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