19 Jun

NEW Program: Decrypting Influencing for Engineers - with NegotiationWise

Learn practical influencing skills to hold effective conversations with all stakeholders. You will learn to manage the difficulties, frustrations and emotions associated with influencing others, both in relation to yourself and the other party.


Use the right compiler and speak their language! This unique program is engineered to overcome influencing barriers, and includes hands-on learning designed for technically minded professionals. Experience the reality of dealing with other people and their emotions. Practise new skills to achieve your desired outcomes!

Follow link  for more information.

Upcoming programs:

Melbourne:   2 Aug 2017        Decrypting Influencing for Engineers    
Sydney:          29 Aug 2017      Decrypting Influencing for Engineers    
Perth:             6 Sep 2017         Decrypting Influencing for Engineers    

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