25 May

Keep calm and build a hospital… in 12 days

How global engineering, management and development consultancy and ABCC Principal Sponsor Mott MacDonald and strategic healthcare consultancy Archus are supporting the short and long term healthcare response to COVID-19

Part of the UK’s immediate response to dealing with COVID-19 included the creation of a number of surge hospitals throughout the UK by the National Health Service (NHS)  – this included a mixture of ICU and step down facilities across London (4000 beds), Manchester (750 beds), Cardiff (2000 beds) and Glasgow (1000 beds). This has required a unique coming together of a wide range of organisations including the UK Government, the NHS and the Army alongside private sector partners to work collaboratively to successfully deliver something that was originally thought to be near impossible. It has required the planning and implementation of these facilities at a pace not seen before in the UK – in challenging conditions, not least the requirement to comply with government guidance around social distancing to mitigate COVID-19 spread. 

Global engineering, management and development consultancy Mott MacDonald and strategic healthcare consultancy Archus, have supported delivery of NHS Nightingale Hospital North West in Manchester, UK. Working on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement, project management, cost consultancy and technical advisory services were provided for the temporary facility at Manchester Central conference centre. Mott MacDonald and Archus were a key interface between contractors IHP and the NHS team who are responsible for the project. Exceptional teamwork coupled with efficient review and decision-making processes have been key to the successful delivery of the scheme.

Richard Cantlay, Mott MacDonald’s global head of healthcare facilities said: “We’re extremely proud to have helped NHS England and NHS Improvement with the delivery of this new temporary facility which offers much needed capacity at this critical time. The construction work and the gearing up for operation has been undertaken in just over two weeks and has been a challenging, and hugely rewarding, joint effort between the NHS, the army, consultants, contractors and the Manchester Central team.”

Richard Cantlay and Richard Darch have led the delivery on behalf of both organisations to support the NHS across this programme and will be presenting at our upcoming Australian British Chamber of Commerce online Boardroom Briefing. The briefing, Keep Calm & Build a Hospital…in 12 days - the short and long term healthcare response to COVID-19 will offer insights into the response of their organisations to provide this support, the challenges associated with this and the lessons that can be learned as a result - both in terms of the creation of surge facilities in the short term but also how healthcare systems can be better designed to provide more resilience and capacity to deal with events like this in the future.

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