24 Oct

Introducing Funding Solutions APAC

Introducing Funding Solutions APAC 

Funding Solutions APAC is inspired by a desire to help business find precious funding that is not so easy to arrange or readily available, especially finance for small and medium size businesses and new exporters.

Did you know that eighty percent of global trade is supported by some sort of financing or credit insurance today? Despite this support, the availability of trade finance is often cited by businesses around the world as a major barrier to their capacity to trade.

Funding Solutions APAC provides trade finance solutions and helps resolve cashflow challenges for business. Founded originally in 2006 in the UK and europe, Funding Solutions APAC represents the expansion of the business to provide finance solutions for companies in Australia, NZ and the Asia-pacific region.

Every business needs to answer the question, ‘how do we make sure that cash shortfalls at critical times won't impede our potential to grow?’ Read more about how you can fund the cashflow needs of your business .

Get in touch: finance@fundingsolutionsapac.com / 08 9480 3746 

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