23 May

'How Digital Credentials Can Help Organisations Retain and Engage Employees' by Hilary Scott-Ker, City and Guilds

With Millennials making up to 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025 and the US reporting that 75% of employees are disengaged in their job, we need to look at technology as a solution to driving improved employee engagement.

HR strategies that promote a culture of achievement and recognition are more likely to deliver higher returns on staff engagement and retention. Coupled with creating an ecosystem of recognition for on the job development these strategies will help achieve business objectives.

Technology solutions such as digital credentialing provide HR with a powerful platform that shifts ownership of workplace achievement back to the individual by providing a shareable, portable, verifiable and secure digital badge. These digital credentials allow employees to showcase their achievements from soft skills to competency-based learning and CPD participation on social platforms, email signatures and digital transcripts. Research by Bersin found that providing recognition in the workplace drives engagement levels up by 14%.

Organisation such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and EY have implemented digital credentialing strategies and the investment has seen an increase in employee engagement and retention. EY credentialing programme uses a blended approach and is self-directed. “It is also very beneficial to our employees, as this offers them the opportunity to develop their skills and invest in themselves while also recognizing their efforts and ultimately adds to their career value.”

It makes sense to invest in the new digital credentialing technology that is available in the marketplace.  Can organisation afford not to adopt these new technologies to maximise employee engagement?

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