29 Jun

'Building corporate culture through food; catered webinars and remote team lunches boom through Deliveroo for Business'

Deliveroo for Business is Deliveroo’s corporate arm, has seen an increase in employers paying for employees’ meals to support employees through lockdown

● Since late March, corporate voucher sales through Deliveroo for Business have increased more than 37% as organisations find new ways to have shared meals
● The tech industry, followed by media and marketing, insurance and finance sectors, are using this most, with virtual team Friday lunches most popular

Melbourne, June 2020: With many Australian businesses implementing remote working arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing shared meals and food experiences has been a popular way for organisations to provide employees’ support and to keep them engaged. Deliveroo for Business is Deliveroo’s corporate arm, and prior to the pandemic gave companies allowances which would typically be used for overtime meals in the office, group orders for team lunches or large catering orders. Pre-Covid, sales of individual corporate gift voucher options - where companies add an allowance to an individual’s Deliveroo account to order directly - were rarely used.

However, in the new context in which businesses are operating, gift vouchers have quickly become a way of providing food in the virtual environment. Corporate gift voucher sales through Deliveroo for Business increased 37% from March to April, with similar numbers on track for May.

Organisations have been using Deliveroo for Business to provide food to employees as they attend webinars, virtual meetings and virtual conferences, as ways to boost morale. The most popular use cases are shared virtual team lunches and companies repurposing their office snacks or catered lunches budget to provide a small ongoing allowance to their employees. The average spend per head has increased from approximately $15 to between $25 and $30, with companies moving from providing a shared catered lunch in the office to individual meal allowances for virtual team lunches.

The technology industry has been the biggest adopter of Deliveroo for Business in the past two months, making up 60% of new customers, followed by media and marketing, insurance and finance sectors.

Friday lunches have become the most popular virtual meeting point of the week, with Deliveroo for Business orders surging 50% higher than other weekdays during this time. Tastes haven’t changed since lockdown, with burgers and pizza topping the list for most-ordered virtual lunch choices, and Vietnamese and Poke Bowls preferred for healthier options.

Companies can use Deliveroo for Business for their employees by adding an allowance to an individual Deliveroo account for staff to order directly.

Ed McManus, CEO, Deliveroo Australia, said:
“The dramatic increase we’ve seen in employers spending on Deliveroo vouchers for staff demonstrates organisations are looking to food as a way to bring people together, even when we’re physically separated.

“We know for many Australians sharing a meal or drink with colleagues is core to the experience of work and it’s heartening to see organisations turning to Deliveroo to make this happen when we’re in isolation. Deliveroo for Business is a way for corporates to show their appreciation for staff, bring staff together and to make virtual meetings more exciting.

“We continue to focus on how best we can support the food and hospitality industry through this time and Deliveroo for Business is another way of enabling restaurants to reach consumers. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow the offering in Australia as businesses all over the country redefine what their organisational culture looks like in the coming months.”

Nathan Matthews, Channel Marketing Manager - Printer and Personal Systems at HP, said:

"Over the past few months Deliveroo for Business has played an important role in helping us to stay connected with our community during the lockdowns. Prior to COVID-19, our sales staff would be on the road meeting with our customers and partners often involving lunch or a drink together at the end of the meeting.

During a time where we can't do business in the same way, we've started to deliver these lunches virtually and provide lunch via Deliveroo. After running a number of these lunches successfully, more of the business got wind of our idea and now we've started doing virtual lunches for our staff events, such as our Women's Impact Lunch, and even using vouchers as prizes. "

Amanda Steele, Executive Managing Director, Property Management at CBRE said:
“Deliveroo for Business has been an important part of how we've rewarded and motivated our large, dispersed team during COVID-19. We've used Deliveroo for Business to provide vouchers for our team of more than 780 Property & Facilities Managers during the last two months as incentives for individuals, team recognition and lunches we would usually be able to share together in person."

Kin Wen Mak, co-founder Nosh said:
“ At Nosh, we've been able to increase our orders and customers by partnering with Deliveroo for Business. The team helped us think through how we could create corporate offerings and get them to try our health bowl food offerings. Before Covid we saw an uptick in catering orders, and then over time, normal delivery orders because of a wider presence in the market. We think that individual health bowls will also work well in the future when people start returning to the office but need to maintain social distancing.”

Learn more: https://deliveroo.com.au/business

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