07 Dec

Australia - Announced Visa Changes

There have been further changes announced that will take effect on 19 November in the Immigration Portfolio and for ease of reference we have put them all in one announcement which we trust you will find of use.

Member of the Family Unit

At the moment dependents (children, parents, uncles, aunts et al) over the age of 23 can be included in visa applications as long as they can show they are financially dependent on the main visa applicant.  As of 19 November 2016, the dependents who can be included on a 457 and PR visa applications will change.

For a 457 visa, the age of dependent children (including step children) will be set at an upper limit of 23 years unless the child is incapacitated to work.  Further, no other family relatives (including parents) will be eligible to be included in the visa application.

For a PR application under the Employer Nomination Scheme, as long as the child still holds a 457 visa, they can be included on the application. Again, no other family relatives (including parents) will be eligible to be included in the visa application.

What does this mean for HR Managers?

When offering a position to an overseas candidate, you will need to be aware of the ages of any accompanying children.  If the children are aged over 23 years and not incapacitated for work, they will not be able to be included in the 457 visa application.  If you have a candidate who may wish to include their parents on the 457, this will no longer be possible.

Please note these drastic changes as they may have a knock on effect of a potential candidate accepting their role with you.

Subclass 462 – Work and Holiday Visas  

As of 19 November, holders of the subclass 462 (Work and Holiday) visa will be able to apply for a second visa if they have worked for three months in regional Australia.

The work must have been in the agriculture, forestry, fishers, tourism or hospitality industries.  There are specific states that they can work in and these are, Northern Territory, northern parts of Western Australia and Queensland.


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