26 Jun

AirPlus turns 10 in Australia

2016 AirPlus International Christmas Party, Surfing lesson on Manly beach.

It is almost ten years to the day that Apple debuted the iPhone to the world. 29 June 2007

AirPlus launched the Company Account in Australia at the same time so we’ll forgive you if you missed it.

When we began, we catered to the needs of our multinational clients only. To keep these large customers and make us relevant locally, we needed to learn about the Australian market and fast.

We started by importing a technical expert from our French office and a manager from our German headquarters. 4 short years later, we employed local talent, Australians with extensive experience in the corporate travel and payment industry. From there, we began to grow very quickly.

We now enjoy hundreds of small, medium, large, multinational, government, and not-for-profit organizations as our clients. Most of these we met through referral from our travel industry partners or introductions from an existing customer at events such as the ones hosted by the Australian British Chamber of Commerce.

We are global specialists in paying for business travel. After 10 years in Australia we are local experts. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Paul Smith, Finance and Administration Manager at Flavourtech.

“Our travel payments and reconciliation process has become so much simpler since we partnered with AirPlus International. Reconciliation of our travel invoices used to take up to six hours, now we can download the report into our financial system in one click with the whole reconciliation process taking no more than 10 minutes a month. For a small admin team dealing with 50 travellers, creating those time efficiencies is really valuable”.

Over the last ten years we have had some triumphs and disappointments.

In 2009 we secured a ruling from the Australian Tax Office that designated our Company Account Statement a GST Compliant tax invoice which meant our customers no longer need to keep the invoices from the merchants. However, in the same year we failed to convince Virgin Australia (Virgin Blue then) to accept us. Our customers had a tax invoice but could only pay Qantas... Virgin came on board in 2012.

In 2012, we brought new payment technology to the Australian market releasing virtual credit cards on Mastercard. Even though we’d been using this technology in Europe since 2006, the banking regulations in Australia weren’t ready for this innovation and after demonstrating with our customers to the Reserve Bank’s Payment Systems Board, they determined to change the regulations to open the credit card market. They did, in 2015, and we re-launched the technology.

Today our customers enjoy the security and data capabilities of a central account with the flexibility to pay anyone anywhere in the world with Mastercard virtual payment. With full enhanced details on every transaction, our customers pay airlines, hotels, car rental, visas, events, conferences, airport shuttles, parking, and their travel agencies.

None of this would have been possible without the AirPlus Australia team. Through it all, we shared many fun times.

Join the celebration of a decade of our success.

Give us a call and we’ll help you wring some value out of paying your travel suppliers.

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