14 Aug

Advocacy of B20 recommendations

Dear Colleagues,
It is now one month since the B20 Australia Summit at which we delivered our recommendations to the G20 presidency. I was delighted that the Summit was attended by more than 400 business leaders, government officials and non-government representatives from all G20 countries.
If the B20 recommendations are implemented, the G20 will exceed its target of lifting global GDP by two per cent above current projections over the next five years. We must now focus on explaining and advocating our recommendations to governments, business leaders and communities that have not been involved in the B20 discussions so far.
At this time of geopolitical uncertainty resulting from crises in the Ukraine and the Middle East, it is paramount that business keeps governments focused on improving the global economy. As noted at the B20 Summit by the Hon. Joe B. Hockey, Treasurer of Australia and Chair of the G20 Meetings of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, business now needs to “become preachers of change”.
Our advocacy work will be driven primarily by three groups.

  • Domestic and international business associations will use the B20 recommendations as a basis for their discussions with policymakers on policy reform
  • Members of the CEO Forum, B20 Taskforces and Summit participants will champion the B20 recommendations in conversations with their governments and communities
  • B20 Chair, Taskforce and Working Group Chairs, and B20 Sherpa will travel to a number of G20 countries to advocate the B20 recommendations to their governments

As part of our advocacy efforts since the Summit, Robert Milliner, the B20 Sherpa, has travelled to South Africa and India with G20 Sherpa Dr. Heather Smith. He is currently visiting Argentina and Brazil, and is scheduled to visit Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, USA and Europe before November.
The more voices we have giving the same messages to our political leaders, the better our chances of success. If you are willing to contribute to the advocacy efforts in your country, please email the B20 Office at info@b20australia.info and they will provide you with the material and support you need.
You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn using the links below, and help spread our key messages through your social networks.
Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement
In December last year WTO members finalised the Bali Package of reforms, including a Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Early implementation of the TFA was one of the B20’s key trade recommendations, worth an estimated $820 billion in GDP and 16 million trade-related jobs across G20 countries.
However, WTO members failed to adopt the Protocol of Amendment on 31 July to insert the TFA into the WTO Agreement. The future of the TFA, and the great benefits in GDP and jobs growth that would flow from its implementation, are therefore in doubt. As this is one of our key recommendations, we ask B20 members to encourage their governments at every opportunity to work towards a solution to the impasse.
Thank you for your continued support of the B20 process this year. With your help, I am positive that our recommendations can make a real impact on standards of living around the world.
Kind regards
Richard Goyder AO
Chair, B20 Australia 

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