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Investing in Agriculture

BJW Agribusiness has a strong history of advising clients on investing in agriculture as well as rich experience managing agricultural investments from start to finish in Western Australia. With a large network of contacts across the agricultural landscape in WA, we can access investment opportunities that are marketed locally, as well as some not otherwise available in the open market. We have over 25 years’ experience in the evaluation and acquisition of farming assets on behalf of absentee owners and investors.

Here at BJW we recognise the importance in the management of the asset post investment. BJW provides clients with a full management service, being responsible for both asset and operational management. We have a strong history of employing the best and most progressive farm managers, and maintaining the strategic focus of the business. Ongoing management of leases and share farming agreements on behalf of investors, means BJW is aware of the latest market rates being achieved.

Following the recent surge in corporate agriculture investments across both the grain and livestock sectors, BJW offer a complete service and advice on management for clients. Throughout the past 25 years, BJW have been offering unmatched service to a range of clients whilst following market trends and providing expert opinions to make critical decisions. This has allowed BJW and our clients to make the most of the opportunities in Western Australian agriculture.

Due to our comprehensive understanding of Western Australian farmland property, we are able to assist clients in navigating the agriculture investment market in order to deliver the most profitable outcomes for each of our clients.

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Agriculture and Produce

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